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Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.

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May, 2010

On Guard May 27, 2010 — Every Marine has a story about why they enlisted or sought a commission in the Marine Corps. Some Marines chased after the dream of becoming a Marine, some saw the Corps as a way to earn money for college, some saw the Corps as a career opportunity in a struggling economy and for some Marines like Lance Cpl. Bryan A. Melius, they saw their peers go MORE
Field Operations May 19, 2010 — Before earning the title of Marine, recruits in basic training are taught the importance of working together as a team to endure the hardships of the training and build camaraderie.These lessons transcend and follow Marines throughout their careers whether they are in combat, garrison or on a field exercise.Marines with Company A, Marine Barracks MORE
Building a Foundation May 7, 2010 — As a young boy Cpl. Christopher Winkler took several mission trips to South America with his church’s youth group, to help build houses for the less fortunate. Winkler’s youth group aided the construction efforts of the local community, performing tasks ranging from hammering nails to testing plumbing.Winkler, an office clerk with Guard Company, MORE