Company A is comprised of 1st and 2nd Platoon, which are ceremonial marching platoons, the Silent Drill Platoon, and the Marine Corps Color Guard Platoon.  The Marines of Company A have the mission of executing all ceremonial commitments directed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, and preparing for future service in the Marine Corps’ operating forces. Ceremonial commitments include Marine Corps funerals at Arlington National Cemetery and Joint Service Ceremonies at venues such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the White House, the Pentagon, and other high visibility venues across the National Capitol Region.  Throughout the summer, the Marines of Company A also march in Sunset and Evening Parades, every Tuesday and Friday respectively.

The Marines of Company A are infantryman that are hand-selected from the School of Infantry to serve at Marine Barracks Washington for at least two years. 

Each platoon within Company A is task organized according to a standard infantry platoon.  Opportunities for Marines in Company A outside of being a ceremonial marcher include: leadership development if selected to serve as a team leader or squad leader, serving on the Firing Party, Dignified Transfer Team, or Cake Cutting Team, selection to the Silent Drill Platoon, and/or selection to serve on the most elite Color Guard unit in the Marine Corps, the Commandant’s Four.

In addition to ceremonial requirements, the Marines of Company A conduct infantry training to prepare for service in operational infantry battalions.  Training is led by post-fleet tour Platoon Commanders and Platoon Sergeants within the company, and field training is conducted at Marine Corps Base Quantico.  Due to the location of Marine Barracks Washington, Company A Marines conduct several unique and informative professional military education events to include battle site studies at civil war battlefields and visits to museums and federal government institutions across the National Capitol Region.

The Marines of Company A proudly represent the Marine Corps to thousands of spectators annually, and strive to live up to the discipline and high standards expected of United States Marines.