The Marine Corps Enlisted Aide Program (MCEAP) was established by the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) for the purpose of relieving General and Flag Officers (G/FOs) of those minor tasks and details which, if performed by the G/FOs, would be at the expense of the G/FOs primary military and other official duties and responsibilities.


The enlisted personnel assigned to the MCEAP are volunteers and assigned at the discretion of the CMC. Due to the high levels of visibility associated with this program, only Marines who demonstrate exceptional levels of professionalism and maturity will be considered for assignment.


Marine Corps Enlisted Aide (MCEA) authorizations are based on official representation duties and not grade or title. THE G/FO must occupy military housing to be eligible for a MCEA.  The MCEA is assigned to and supports only an authorized officer; line of authority must remain clear and solely between the officer and the EA. Consequently, enlisted aide duties must relate to the military and other official duties and responsibilities to include assisting in discharging the DoD representational responsibilities associated with the assigned positions, and, thereby, serve a necessary military purpose.

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