Guard Company
Established in 1801, Marine Barracks Washington, is the "Oldest Post of the Corps" and has been the residence of every commandant of the Marine Corps since 1806. The selection of the site for the Barracks was a matter of personal interest to President Thomas Jefferson, who rode through Washington with Lt. Col. William Ward Burrows, the second commandant of the Marine Corps, in search of a suitable location. The site now occupied was approved due to its proximity to the Washington Navy Yard and because it was within easy marching distance of the Capitol.
Marine Barracks, 8th and I
Washington, D.C.

Guard Company ensures the security of government and private property, protection of personnel, preservation of order, and immediate security response approved and directed by the Commanding Officer, Marine Barracks Washington (MBW), D.C. Additionally, Guard Company screens, trains, and evaluates qualified personnel for presidential support duty with Marine Security Company, Camp David, White House Communications Agency (WHCA), and the White House Sentry Program (WHSP).




In addition to screening candidates for the Presidential Support Duty at the east and west coast Marine Corps Recruit Depots, the Presidential Support Program seeks to bolster its numbers by recruiting highly qualified candidates from the Active Component (AC) in the ranks of Sergeant and below. Marines that apply do not need to be in the 8152 OCCFIELD, as this billet can be attained upon selection, but must have attained the MOS of 03XX in the Marine Corps.

In order to be considered, potential PSP candidates should first reach out to the Presidential Support Program Coordinator so that the Section can ascertain whether you meet certain baseline requirements (outlined below). After you complete an initial screening, potential candidates must assemble a screening package and submit it to the Commanding Officer, Marine Barracks Washington D.C. If approved by ones’ monitor, candidates will then receive PCS orders to Marine Barracks Washington or Basic Security Guard School (BSG) if necessary.

The Section is looking for quality individuals of immaculate character, who possess a high degree of maturity, self-discipline, motivation and drive.

All further inquiries can be answered by calling the Presidential Support Program Recruiting Coordinator or by directing such calls to the Guard Company 1stSgt at (202) 433-4197.


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