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March, 2010

Alpha Company hist the field for helicopter training March 24, 2010 — Marine Barracks Washington ceremonial marchers traveled to Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., for field and helicopter exercises, March 23 and 24. Alpha Company’s first and second platoons received classes in land navigation, hand and arm signals and security patrolling.“Classes help, but getting to the field is when we learn the best.” said Lance MORE
Meet your new Chaplain March 9, 2010 — A new chaplain has arrived at Marine Barracks Washington. You can’t miss Lt. Philip N. Park as he strolls through the hallways and visits with Marines. The 5 ft. 7 in. Korean pastor is easy to recognize and even easier to start a conversation with. Recently selected for promotion to lieutenant commander, Park brings to the table a wealth of MORE
The Perils of Alcohol Abuse March 9, 2010 — For Marines, liberty is a time for personal interests and relaxation. But sometimes Marines don’t understand the serious consequences that can occur when they lose restraint, especially when alcohol is involved. “Alcohol can be a catalyst for many negative things,” said Gunnery Sgt. Carson Zumalt, Barracks Substance Abuse Control Officer. “Age is MORE
War Games March 9, 2010 — Today, military-themed video game dialogues have a distinct likeness to real world battlefields. Video games like Call of Duty, SOCOM Navy Seals and Delta Force have given society an in depth look into modern warfare.These games are designed to provide users with a realistic depiction of combat, illustrating every detail; including weapon systems, MORE
The History of the Black Marine March 9, 2010 — The year was 1941; our country was still overcoming the severe economic conditions of the Great Depression and racial segregation was widespread throughout the nation. At the time, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted to create fair employment practices for the United States Armed Forces and decided to integrate the American military. He MORE
Chairman of the Boards March 9, 2010 — At first glance, Cpl. Ryan McLellan doesn’t portray the image of a typical basketball prodigy. At 5’9, he looks like any another average Joe when he laces up his shoes. But when he steps out onto the floor with a basketball in his hand, he is anything but.For the last three years, McLellan has shown the Marine Corps that size doesn’t matter in the MORE