Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.


Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.

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March, 2008

MCI distance learning instructors lead, write the way March 5, 2008 — The quarter is coming to a close and new composite scores will soon be calculated. The rush is on to complete correspondence courses. Whether serving on duty or playing barracks rat for the long weekend, Marines are studying the bullet-ridden, diagram-filled booklets. For some of them, the course is simply 15 more points towards their composite MORE
MCMAP instructor earns ‘Gung Ho’ award March 3, 2008 — In the Marine Corps’ Martial Arts Instructor Course, many Marines will face some of the most challenging training of their careers. Marines who undergo this rigorous endeavor will earn their stripe with blood, sweat and tears. While there are many honors a Marine will receive throughout his career, the “Gung Ho” award is an honor bestowed upon the MORE