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Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.

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November, 2005

Marines, Post Office unveil commemorative stamps November 10, 2005 — Gen. Michael W. Hagee, Commandant of the Marine Corps, and John E. Potter, Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service, unveiled the Distinguished Marines commemorative 37-cent U.S. Postage stamps at Marine Barracks Washington on the 230th Birthday of the Marine Corps, Nov. 10. The stamps depict legendary Marines, Daniel Daly, John MORE
House, Senate celebrate 230th birthday November 2, 2005 — Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate recently shared in honoring the 230th birthday of the United States Marine Corps in separate cake cutting ceremonies featuring Marines from the “Oldest Post” at the House, Nov. 2, and the Senate, Nov. 3. These annual ceremonies are part of a Marine Corps Birthday tradition, in which the first MORE