Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C.
Established in 1801, Marine Barracks Washington, is the "Oldest Post of the Corps" and has been the residence of every commandant of the Marine Corps since 1806. The selection of the site for the Barracks was a matter of personal interest to President Thomas Jefferson, who rode through Washington with Lt. Col. William Ward Burrows, the second commandant of the Marine Corps, in search of a suitable location. The site now occupied was approved due to its proximity to the Washington Navy Yard and because it was within easy marching distance of the Capitol.
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"The Oldest Post of the Corps"
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Corporal Austin Aldrich, section leader, Guard Company, Marine Barracks, assumes his post during the 2017 United States Naval Academy Commissioning Week, Annapolis, Md., May 25, 2017. Guard Marines with Marine Barracks Washington were called upon to support as an additional security element for this year’s Commissioning Week. (Official Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Robert Knapp/Released)

Photo by Cpl. Robert Knapp

Navy-Marine Corps Team Supports 2017 United States Naval Academy Commissioning Week

26 May 2017 | Cpl. Robert Knapp Marine Barracks

Annapolis, Md. -- Marines with Marine Barracks Washington D.C. teamed up with their Navy counterparts in support of numerous events during the United States Naval Academy Commissioning Week, Annapolis, Md., May 19-26, 2017.

Commissioning Week is a time for family and friends to attend a series of events which honor the first class midshipmen upon completion of their four years at the Naval Academy. These events include: the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration, Color Parade, special award ceremonies, and musical performances.

One of the first events was a performance by the United States Marine Corps Battle Color Detachment. The 130 Marines traveled to the Naval Academy to perform their sequence of musical ballads and ceremonial marching to the hundreds who gathered in attendance.

With highly anticipated events such as the Battle Color Ceremony taking place, the week presented a much larger influx of traffic flowing on and off of the Yard, requiring heightened security measures.

Marines with Guard Company, Marine Barracks Washington, were invited to the Academy to support the Navy team in strengthening the security posture throughout the base.

While on post, the Guard Marines worked alongside their Navy counterparts to conduct vehicle inspections, ID checks, and numerous other duties to ensure the utmost safety.

“We get to build relationships with our brothers-in-arms- and see the way they do things,” said Cpl. Austin Aldrich, section leader, Guard Co., Marine Barracks. “It’s great to be able to come out and provide security and feel really appreciated by the alumni and staff who have worked here for years.”

Supporting this event provided an opportunity for the Marines to shift from their normal operational tempo at the Barracks to adapt to a new environment and work under a naval command.

“Dealing with the large crowds here has helped us learn some new strategies and techniques to take away from this so it has been an awesome experience,” said Aldrich.

This task would ultimately become a learning experience for not only the Marines, but the Navy personnel as well.

“Having the Marines out for Commissioning Week brings a new set of eyes in a way that helps us to see other security measures that are proven effective and how we can implement them into our mission,” said Navy Capt. Vince Baker, commanding officer, Naval Support Activity Annapolis.

The Guard Marines brought forth a high set of standards that would make way for future corroboration between the two entities.

Baker stated the Guard Marines contributed greatly by setting an example for the Navy personnel in a manner that demonstrated a strong emphasis on military bearing and customer service.

The Navy-Marine Corps team is an essential asset to our nation’s security. The teamwork and training gained from working together will continue.

“It has been fantastic working with the Marines this week,” said Baker. “We wanted to create a ceremonial atmosphere and the Marines did just that. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

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