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Last NameFirst NameMISuffixRankYear
AbelA.D. Second Lieutenant1930
AckleyRoy Jr.Major1998
AdamsGeorge  Second Lieutenant1851
AdamsJ.P. Captain1932
AdamsSamuelC. Second Lieutenant1862
AddisW.J. Captain1954
AdeyemiOlufunmikeF. Captain2002
AdmireJohnH. Major1976
AggersD.R. First Lieutenant1967
AikenScottD. Captain1994
AirdV.J. Captain1960
AkinRobertA. First Lieutenant1992
AkstinAnthonyC. First Lieutenant1972
AlamandHarryL. First Lieutenant1989
AlbanH.B. First Lieutenant1925
AldersonR.L. First Lieutenant1971
AldrichRyanK. First Lieutenant2005
AllegrettiBenjaminP. First Lieutenant1990
AllenA.H. Captain1945
AllenA.W. Second Lieutenant1838
AllenAnthonyL. Captain1997
AllenC.R. Lieutenant Colonel1942
AllenJohnR. First Lieutenant1980
AllenNathanial  Second Lieutenant1810
AllenSamuelK. First Lieutenant1874
AmatoPaul  First Lieutenant1987
AmbroseJ.S. Warrant Officer1966
AmidonKennethW. Captain1993
AmmermanLarryD. Captain1986
AndersonA.C. Captain1953
AndersonA.C. Marine Gunner1942
AndersonA.C. First Lieutenant1949
AndersonF.R. Major1959
AndersonJ.A. Lieutenant Colonel1949
AndersonJeremiah  Second Lieutenant1811
AndersonRoarkeL. First Lieutenant1988
AndersonWilliam  Second Lieutenant1807
AndrewsR.E. First Lieutenant1957
AndrikoStephenW. Captain1984
AndriousAntonyJ. First Lieutenant2006
ApplegateJ.C. First Lieutenant1946
ArmsteadF.N. Second Lieutenant1826
AshmoreC.C. Captain1948
AshmoreC.D. First Lieutenant1944
AshtonC.  Major1955
AshtonRichardW. Second Lieutenant1820
AspinwallG.S. Captain1957
AtchisonDonaldH. First Lieutenant1975
AthertonJ.P. First Lieutenant1960
AtkinE.G. Major1947
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