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Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.

8th & I

"Oldest Post of the Corps"
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Guard Company: Train Like You Fight March 4, 2015 — Marines are always ready for any challenges they may face.In order to be ready for those challenges, Marines must constantly train andstay thoroughly prepared. Guard Company, Marine Barracks Washington, D.C., is noexception. The mission of Guard Company is to guard and protect theMarines and Sailors of Marine Barracks Washington D.C.To protect the MORE
MCI celebrates 95 years March 2, 2015 — For more than 95 years Marine Corps Institute Company, Marine Barracks Washington, D.C. has supported the learning and advanced education of each and every Marine as well as members of all military branches.  Marine Corps Institute’s history began in November 1919 when Maj. Gen. John A. Lejeune issued a post order establishing three new schools: MORE
Same Breed February 27, 2015 — Honoring and remembering theMarines that came before has always been a time honored tradition of the UnitedStates Marine Corps. Usually the tales of warriors’ pasts are learned throughclasses and literature. Last week, Marines from Marine Barracks Washington,D.C., were afforded the opportunity to meet Marines who served on Iwo Jima.Thursday, Feb. MORE
A day in the life of a Barracks armorer February 23, 2015 — It’s 4 a.m. at Marine Barracks Washington, D.C. The guards are standing post, duty is standing watch, and the barracks are full of sleeping Marines. At 4:15 a.m., the Marine standing duty decides it is time to rove the barracks to make sure everything is in order. As he makes his customary rounds through the third deck hallway, he bumps into one of MORE
Post of Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps changes hands February 23, 2015 — The 17th Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Micheal P. Barrett relinquished his post to the 18th Sgt. Maj. Ronald Green  Feb. 20, 2015, at the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. The passage of a simple sword symbolizes the responsibility of taking care of the Marines and sailors. This duty now lies in the hands of Green.The post of MORE
Alpha Company Athletes February 23, 2015 — When we think of U.S. Marines, we think of athletic machines that are year-round athletes.  Such athleticism doesn’t appear out of the blue after recruit training.  Most Marines were former athletes in high school - participating in sports like wrestling, martial arts, baseball, and football. Lance Cpl. Gregory A. Meline from  Huntington Beach, MORE
"8th and I" Marching Pipeline January 23, 2015 — As spectators leave a Sunset Parade on a sizzling summer Tuesday night or an Evening Parade on a stunning summer Friday night in awe of the performance, they might begin to wonder - How does a Marine end up carrying out this particular duty?  What is his primary job in the Corps?  Does he hold a special billet? The process to identify future MORE
Barracks Marines get back in the saddle January 16, 2015 — After the holiday season,Marines are coming back from leave and getting back to work. This is a perfecttime of year to complete annual training requirements and start preparing forthe parade season. Marine Barracks Washington,D.C., started their annual “Back in the Saddle” (BITS) training this weekconsisting of classes of several topics. These MORE
Preparing for parade season: Ceremonial Drill School January 9, 2015 — Parades at Marine Barracks Washington, D.C., are phenomenal.It takes an enormous amount of coordination to make the Evening Parade happen. Crowds see the ceremonial marchers, the hostingelement, the United States Marine Band, the United States Marine Drum and BugleCorps, and the Silent Drill Platoon. What is not seen are the countless hoursthat MORE
More than What Meets the Eye - MC Museum December 23, 2014 — There are few places around the Marine Corps which honor and preserve the Corps’ tradition, heritage and history like Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.  However, one such place is just a short drive south of the Barracks and was the recent destination for Headquarters and Service Company’s noncommissioned officer training day.  The National Museum MORE

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