Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.


Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.

8th & I

"Oldest Post of the Corps"

The Headquarters and Service Company provides administrative and logistical support and coordinates activities as directed by the commanding officer of Marine Barracks Washington. H&S is divided into a command element, a company headquarters section and subordinate sections.
Providing personnel administration to the Barracks are the adjutant, personnel, legal, and clearance sections, which comprise the S-1. Their duties include service record books, legal, pay, orders, awards, fitness reports processing, security clearances, and publishing Barracks directives.

The operations and training section, or S-3, coordinates all operations throughout the entire Barracks, which include numerous ceremonial commitments, training, education programs, and formal military schools.

The protocol section is responsible for parade reservations, parade seating, the docent program, and a host of other duties for official ceremonies and events. This section is the primary liaison between guests and Marines of the Barracks.

The Barracks public affairs office provides information to Barracks Marines through this website and the quarterly publication Pass in Review magazine. Public affairs also disseminates information to the local and national media regarding various events at the Barracks. In addition, the public affairs office maintains an active, working relationship with the surrounding community.

The S-4 is responsible for coordinating and executing all functional logistical support to maintain the installation and support Barracks ceremonial missions and training. Under S-4, supply operations section is responsible for managing all classes of supply, maintaining property accountability and managing service contracts. The facility management section is responsible for the overall facilities readiness of "the oldest post" which includes the Home of the Commandants. S-4 also includes the motor transport platoon, the mess hall, the armory, as well as the Barracks corpsmen.

The fiscal section is responsible for the budgeting and payment for items needed to accomplish the Barracks' diverse missions. Local entertainment information and tickets may be obtained from Marine Corps Community Services. MCCS is responsible for the Barracks officers' mess, also known as Center House, the Staff NCO club, the enlisted club, the gymnasium, the weight room and intramural sports.

The Barracks chaplain advises the command on religious, moral, pastoral care, ethical, and quality of life issues. He facilitates the free exercise of religion by fostering tolerance, cooperation and support. The Barracks chaplain is available for counseling to all Barracks Marines and their families. The chaplain has access to a wide range of professional assistance agencies, which he can refer Marines or sailors who desire assistance. Additionally, the Barracks chaplain coordinates numerous local volunteer activities for Marines and sailors who wish to give back to the community. The family readiness officer is the primary link between Marine Barracks Washington and the families of our personnel. With a great deal of resources available, the FRO ensure all Marines, sailors and families are aware of all available programs to assist families any way possible.

The command element of the company includes the company headquarters section, the grounds platoon and Marines assigned to the Pentagon Tour Program who serve as Pentagon tour guides. Grounds platoon is responsible for the upkeep of the grounds and gardens.

The Marines of H&S play a vital roll in ceremonial commitments throughout the year. From filling key billets on the ceremonial parade staff to mascot handler to greeting guests during the summer parades, the Marines play an integral part of ceremonies at the Barracks.