Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.


Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.

8th & I

"Oldest Post of the Corps"
Body Bearer Section


Bravo Company is home to the Marine Corps Body Bearer Section. The section is comprised of 15 Marines whose primary mission is to bear the caskets at funerals for Marines, former Marines, and Marine family members at Arlington National Cemetery and the surrounding cemeteries in the National Capitol Region. On occasion, they are called to travel to locations all around the country to support funerals for senior statesmen, heads of state, and former Presidents of the United States.

The Body Bearer section is also the saluting battery at MBW, firing three 40mm cannons located at the south end of the parade deck. The saluting battery renders honors for special events and visiting dignitaries.

The road to becoming a Body Bearer is not an easy. Each member has to demonstrate that he has the bearing and physical strength to carry out this mission. A typical day for a Body Bearer includes several hours of ceremonial drill practice and intensive weight training and conditioning. The remainder of the day includes infantry knowledge and skills proficiency training.

Company B 1stSgt: 1stSgt John Miller; 202-433-3301

Company B GySgt:  GySgt Michael Nichols; 202-433-3304

Body Bearer Section Leader: Cpl Jeremy Nelson; .202-433-5922

- The Last to Let You Down -



Become a Body Bearer


 1.  This message solicits applications from Active Component (AC) Corporals and below for the United States Marine Corps Body Bearer Section.  The primary mission of the United States Marine Corps Body Bearers, stationed aboard Marine Barracks Washington (MBW), D.C., is to bear the caskets for Marines, former Marines, and Marine family members being interred at Arlington National Cemetery and surrounding cemeteries in the National Capital Region.  On occasion, the section is called upon to travel to locations around the country to provide honors for senior statesmen, heads of state, and former Presidents of the United States.  The Body Bearer section also serves as the saluting battery which renders cannon honors for special events, general officers, and visiting dignitaries.

2.  Body Bearers must possess a high degree of maturity, leadership, judgment, and professionalism, as well as, physical stamina and strength. Potential nominees must meet the following minimum requirements, prior to arrival at MBW, in order to demonstrate the potential to carry out this unique and demanding mission:

A.  Active Duty Male 70 to 76 inches tall.

B.  Must be within Marine Corps Ht/Wt standards and possess outstanding physical stamina.

C.  Grade of Corporal or below. (Sergeants may be considered on a case by case basis)

D.  Meets minimum obligated service of 30 months upon check-in to ceremonial drill school.

E.  Possess unquestionable moral character, leadership, and organizational skills.

F.  Meets minimum score of 10 repetitions for the following exercises:

                1)  Bench Press 225 lbs

                2)  Military Press 135 lbs

                3)  Straight Bar Curl 115 lbs

                4)  Squat 315 lbs


3.  Applications must contain a Commander’s endorsement.

A.  Required enclosures to the application.

          (1)  Commanding Officer’s Screening Checklist

          (2)  Medical Screening Guide

          (3)  Commanding Officer’s Financial Worksheet NAVMC 1330/2

          (4)  Page 11s

          (5)  MCTFS screen D119

          (6)  Official photograph

          (7)  Tattoo Screening Form (w/photos)


B.  Applications with all enclosures should be submitted to the Commanding Officer, Marine Barracks Washington D.C.  Further instructions and sample forms located at

4.  Questions and inquiries are encouraged.  Direct all such calls to Company B First Sergeant or Company Gunnery Sergeant at (202) 433-5922