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Marines from Marine Corps Institute Company, Marine Barracks Washington, D.C. engage targets during live-fire, combat marksmanship training on Range 14, Marine Corps Base Quantico.

Photo by Cpl. Chi Ngyuen

MCI Strengthens Company Through Tradition, Training

4 Nov 2014 | Capt. David Wade Marine Barracks

In keeping with the multifaceted requirements of the Marine Corps, Marine Corps Institute Company, Marine Barracks Washington, D.C. conducted a wide array of professional military education culminating in October with two events - Mess Night and a live-fire range. 


The tradition of military personnel coming together to celebrate and remember their fallen comrades dates back to the Roman Legions.  The Marine Corps Mess Night is a tradition that has been kept alive by every generation of Marines. 


MCI conducted a Mess Night, Oct. 3, with the Commanding Officer of Marine Barracks Washington, D.C., Col. Benjamin Watson, as the guest of honor.  Junior Marines and senior leadership came together to celebrate the Corps’ rich heritage and conduct spirited fining. 


The night surpassed expectations and instilled discipline, gallantry, and love of the Corps in the Marines in attendance.


"Mess Night to me is all about enjoying the little moments and coming together to celebrate those who came before us and made this beautiful organization what it is today,” said Cpl. Adelina Roberts, Student Services Division. “I feel very fortunate to have been part of this event being that we do not have these opportunities very often".


After the memorable Mess Night, the Company conducted final preparation for the live-fire training aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico. 


On Oct. 28 the MCI Marines successfully conducted live-fire training despite numerous range fires and obstacles.  The Marines demonstrated outstanding proficiency in all they learned and reinforced the foundation of Marine Corps - every Marine a rifleman. 


The Marines conducted training with their personal weapon, the M16A4, and medium machine guns. 


During the combat marksmanship program and unknown distance shoot, they engaged targets while moving and displayed expert accuracy from distances ranging 200 to 500 meters.  Additionally, the Marines conducted medium machine gun training in which they identified and engaged multiple targets as a machine gun team. 


"I think it was excellent training exercise and believe we should have the opportunity to shoot more often so we may be prepared for any given scenario,” said Sgt. David Rodriguez a native of Bronx, New York. “We are Marines 24/7."


The Marines of MCI Company continue to demonstrate versatility as they execute training evolutions, hosting requirements and daily duties.  They are able to embrace the multitude of tasks required and remain resilient throughout.  The company plans to continue building on their strengths; ultimately striving to produce great leaders and exemplary Marines.