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Staff Sgt. Wilson Jumelles, Marine Aide at Marine Barracks Washington D.C., and Gunnery Sgt. Charles Hughes, Marine Aide to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, frost birthday cake for the Commandant's Ball, Nov. 8, 2013 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Md. The cake, made from scratch in honor of the Corps' 238th birthday, weighs more than 500 lbs. and took a week to construct. Marines around the globe are celebrating the 238th birthday of the Corps with cake cutting ceremonies and birthday balls.

Photo by Adrian R. Rowan

Marines make super cake for CMC Ball

8 Nov 2013 | Cpl. Mondo Lescaud

All week long, at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, Md., people have been walking by the kitchen in awe. Inside, a few Marines have been working on a massive cake for the Commandant of the Marine Corps’ birthday ball.
Gunnery Sgt. Charles Hughes, Staff Sgt. Wilson Jumelles, and Sgt. Pedro Marrerocruz, Marine aides, constructed the towering cake, which weighs approximately 500 pounds and has to be wheeled around on pressurized wheels.
“We really outdid ourselves this year with the birthday cake,” said Hughes. “We elevated the design and overall planning to whole new levels.”
The Marines worked for five days straight, 12 hours a day constructing the dessert. Some of the designs on the cake include the infamous flag raising on Mt. Suribachi, the American flag, and the scarlet and gold Marine Corps colors.
“Our Marine aides have done more than amazing work on the cake,” said Bonnie Amos, wife of Gen. James F. Amos, commandant of the Marine Corps. “[Last year] was wow, but this year is completely beyond wow.”
Mrs. Amos was among many that were impressed with the cake, to include hotel guests, and even the professional chefs who work in the kitchen, said Hughes. The aides said they appreciate the feedback.
Hughes said that the creation was one of the best culinary adventures he’s ever been a part of.
“It was a lot of hard work, but we felt like doing anything less wouldn’t be living up to our names and traditions as Marines,” said Hughes.
Gen. Amos gave Hughes the green light to construct the cake from scratch, and Hughes and his Marines went to work.
“We hope to really impress the commandant and all of the Marines at the ball,” said Hughes. “We know they’ll love it.”