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Cpl. Zachery Williams, a body bearer, pushes a 2.25-ton pickup truck 40 yards in the first timed event of Musclefest at Marine Barracks Washington Oct. 18, 2011. Musclefest was part of the Barracks' 2011 Commander's Cup series of competitions.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Mondo Lescaud

Barracks Marines compete in Musclefest

18 Oct 2011 | Lance Cpl. Mondo Lescaud

Marine Barracks Washington Marines competed in Musclefest, part of the Barracks’ 2011 Commander’s Cup, at the Barracks annex field Oct. 18, 2011.

Approximately 90 Marines participated in the competition, which comprised eight strength and conditioning challenges, six of which were timed. Competitors could stop at any time throughout the proceedings and settle for however many points they had up to that point.

In the first event, the Marines had to push a 2.25-ton pickup truck over a distance of 40 yards.

After muscling the truck, the Marines moved to the keg lift in which they had to lift a 45-pound keg three feet off the ground as many times as possible in a 60-second time period. Competitors were then challenged with a "farmer’s walk" where they were required to run 100 yards with two dumbbells equaling their body weight. A 25-pound kettlebell throw for maximum distance followed that event.

"On a scale of one through 10, I was pushing seven after the kettlebell throw," said Cpl. Oscar Franquez, Silent Drill Platoon rifle inspector and native of Canyon Country, Calif. "I kept on pushing because I knew I would only better myself through the struggle."

The Marines who continued on were given a weighted bar to crank out as many bench press repetitions as possible within a 90-second time limit. The bar weighed half of the participant’s body weight.

Next, the challengers faced another distance throwing competition, this time with an 18-pound medicine ball.

Marines with the strength to continue faced a dreaded 100-pound tire flip. The objective was to complete the 40-yard tire flip within the least amount of time.

With their bodies worn and exhausted and the finish line in sight, the Marines who were still standing for the final event were timed in pulling a 135-pound sled a distance of approximately 40 yards.

"The hardest part was definitely the tire flip," said Sgt. Michael Ramsey, a Company B body bearer and native of Williamsburg, Ky. "I was dreading it more than anything else, ever since I stepped on the field and saw that massive thing."

Scores are still being calculated and the winner of Musclefest will be announced at a later date.

The overall male and female points leaders will be awarded an iPad tablet at the end of the Commander’s Cup.

Six events remain in the 17-event Commander’s Cup series in which any Barracks Marine can participate. The male and female victors of each event will earn that competition’s full point value, with everyone else earning partial points depending on how they finished.

The events often challenge the Marines’ military knowledge, marksmanship, experience, competitiveness and physical and mental discipline.

The next event is the Tough Mudder, scheduled to take place Oct. 22. For more information on the Commander’s Cup, visit