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Capt. Nicholas Schroback, from the Marine Corps Institute, kayaks down stream during the Whitewater Wipeout at Deep Creek Lake, Md., Sept. 29, 2011. Schroback is the overall points leader in the race for Marine Barracks Washington's 2011 Commander's Cup.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Mondo Lescaud

MBW holds "Whitewater Wipeout" kayaking race

29 Sep 2011 | Lance Cpl. Mondo Lescaud

Marine Barracks Washington Marines competed in the Whitewater Wipeout, part of the Barracks' 2011 Commander's Cup, at Deep Creek Lake, Md., Sept. 29, 2011.

Approximately 30 Marines participated in the kayaking challenge in which they had to maneuver through 10 gates while kayaking down a winding, treacherous river.

The Marines were given a small inflatable kayak, a paddle and a brief 20-minute crash course on how to safely traverse the course.

"The hardest part of it was trying to make it through all of the gates," said Capt. Nicholas Schroback, Company B's 3rd Platoon commander. "It's a lot harder than it looks because your boat is out there rocking uncontrollably. But overall, it was more fun than difficult."

Pfc. Dan May, a Headquarters and Service Company armorer, won the Whitewater Wipeout by a small margin.

"Even though I put all my heart into it, I'm surprised I won," said May. "I wasn't the most fit Marine out there, but I have experience kayaking and solid technique. The technique really came into play because the course was pretty demanding."

The overall male and female points leaders will be awarded an iPad tablet at the end of the Commander's Cup.

The Commander's Cup is a series of 17 events in which any Barracks Marine can participate. The male and female victors of each event will earn that evolution's full point value, with everyone else earning partial points depending on how they finished.

The events often challenge the Marines' military knowledge, marksmanship, experience, competitiveness and physical and mental discipline.

The next event is the Raging Rhino, scheduled to take place Oct. 12. For more information on the Commander's Cup, visit