Traditional horns reinstated for bugle calls at 'Oldest Post of the Corps'

19 Jan 2006 | Cpl. David Revere

Morning colors started the day on a historical note here at Marine Barracks Washington, Jan. 19. Sgt. Clint Owens of Arlington, Texas rang the bell and sounded the familiar tune using a valveless bugle - the first time the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps has used this traditional type of horn since after the Korean War.

"We've reinstated these straight bugles for the same reason we still fly the 1801 flag at Evening Parades here at the 'Oldest Post of the Corps,'" said Chief Warrant Officer Brian Dix, D&B director. "The Marine Corps boasts tradition. This is our heritage, and it represents where we have come from."

Owens, who auditioned for the honor, said it was a priviledge to be the Marine chosen to reinstate this tradition. 

"I love playing on that horn," said the soprano bugler. "The sound is completely determined on how fast you blow the air through it and the movement of your lips. It's loud; it looks cool, and it takes us back to the old days."