MCI testing made easier

1 Aug 2005 | Lance Cpl. Jordan M. Welner

In April, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Michael W. Hagee, in returning from a trip to Iraq, asked members of the Marine Corps Institute to look for ways to better serve deployed Marines. The result has generated an initiative that will benefit every Marine and the Corps itself—online MCI testing.

Marines are now able to take MCI tests electronically using the newly developed Digital DP-37 electronic test form.

The Deputy Director of MCI, Lt. Col Nicholas B. Klaus, who recently returned from a weeklong trip to Iraq with General William “Spider” Nyland, the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, said that troops throughout Iraq are enthusiastic about the project.

“One major goal in this effort is to decrease a Marine’s frustrations associated with waiting for test results,” said Klaus. “A process that, in the past, could take days or even weeks can now be completed in minutes.”

Access to the Digital DP-37s will be managed through the new command
Unit Verification Report, allowing training non-commissioned officers to enroll their Marines in MCI courses and monitor their test taking results. Upon completion of the tests, a notification will immediately appear on the screen letting the Marine know if he or she has passed or failed.

“In the past, we have received many complaints from Marines that have completed the course work but didn’t get credit in time for promotion deadlines,” said Capt. Matthew C. Hawkins, the assistant operations officer at MCI. “The Digital DP-37 will greatly decrease this problem.”

Along with providing a more timely process for MCI students, the project will also save money and man-hours, allowing MCI Marines to focus on customer service.

“Taking Digital DP-37s from an idea to a product has been exciting,” said MCI Webmaster, Matt G. Dyor. “Our next challenge is to educate Marines around the world about its availability, and continue to improve the system to better serve the needs of the Marine Corps.”

MARADMIN 341/05 gives more details on the new Digital DP-37 electronic answer sheet and the Command UVR program.