MCI celebrates 87th birthday with ROLE

2 Feb 2007 | 1st Lt. Antony J. Andrious

The Marine Corps Institute celebrated its 87th birthday ceremony on Feb 2, by replacing its Digital DP-37 exam with the new Random Online Exam (ROLE), for students taking MCI courses online.

“It was great to recognize the illustrious history of this Institute, and the ceremony let [our staff know] that we are happy with their performance. It also gave us a chance to enjoy some lunch and fellowship,” said Gunnery Sgt. Donald E. Knecht, MCI Company gunnery sergeant.

The celebration included a well-deserved luncheon accompanied by a cake cutting ceremony.  Food was plentiful and attendance high as much was to be celebrated. 

It is customary to receive gifts on birthdays, but for MCI’s birthday they presented a gift to the entire Marine Corps.  Through laborious efforts and dedication to Marines throughout the Corps, MCI has entered a new, technological realm for educating Marines by revamping and developing ROLE.

ROLE is designed to provide Marines across the globe the ability to get test results and complete real college courses online into the Marine Corps promotions system, avoiding complications of cutoff dates and missed promotions. “The MCI hit the ground running this year after working many hours to get ROLE up and running, to ensure that the educational needs of the Marine Corps are being met,” added Knecht.

Cpl. Bradon R. Lengerich, network administrator, logged many long and tedious hours working on the new system.  The Marine technician received a Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medal for his diligence in perfecting ROLE.

“Corporal Lengerich was awarded that medal because he put in 16-hour days, sometimes sleeping in his office, to work out complicated computer issues in order to get the system up and running,” said 1st Sgt. Rudy S. Gonzales, MCI Company 1st. Sgt.

Despite his recognition and modesty, Lengerich knew his accomplishments where due, in part, to his fellow Marines who underscore the saying, “One team, one fight!”

“We buckled down to make it happen. Everyone - all the way from the command level to the privates first class, who worked in the student services section, made a fantastic team effort, and we accomplished the mission,” Lengerich said pridefully.

According to Cpl. Massiel A. Morrow, quality assurance non-commissioned officer, “The project demanded long hours and eating lunch at our desks for a whole month. Our single focus was to get it done. And we did!”

The Marines who perfected the system believe it is just one step in a comprehensive effort aimed at moving the MCI into an increasingly technologically-oriented future.
Gunnery Sgt. Robert T. Kruger, student services division, staff non-commissioned officer in charge, states, “MCI is proud to be celebrating its birthday by continuing to support the Corps and its war fighters in innovative ways. The ROLE system is a terrific first step towards ensuring the MCI continues to have many happy birthdays, for many years to come.”

As MCI approaches nine decades of excellence in distance learning, ROLE ushers a new period of academic rigor and integrity. Marines can access the exams through the Command Unit Verification Report (UVR) portal at